SEO is not a Google Position

I had a conversation with a potential client this week. About 20 minutes in, I suggested I wasn’t the SEO Consultant for them. I could have achieved what was being asked, I just objected to them wasting their money in the process and as much as I tried to argue the corner of common-sense, it fell on deaf ears.

The thing is, their entire SEO plan was based around being as high as they could in Google for some real short tail search terms. There were four in all, one of which was “Accountant in London”.

SEO for accountantsAs you can see, there are 6,660,000 results for that search phrase so whoever takes it on has their work cut out to meet the targets, probably against companies with much larger budgets. But that’s not my point.

I can understand pulling an SEO strategy back to some basic targets but a position in Google is not really an effective online marketing strategy.

Paying The Bills

A position in Google for a specific keyword does not pay the bills. Any sales manager or business owner will tell you that what they really want from a website is sales leads. Marketers should also request the need for brand building. And both are right.

In fact, after about 12 minutes into my conversation, this came to light for my prospect – they actually want sales enquiries. But, I couldn’t get them past the Google position as a key performance indicator – KPI.

Page One Of Google?

A common target for businesses at the outset of an SEO programme is to get to “Page One Of Google”. This is a misnomer: Results in Google are becoming forever contextualised to the user, their search history and their geographic location.

Your page one will differ from mine and the next persons. Yes, there will be crossover, but more diversity than you’d imagine.

Are You The Next Woolworths?

When the high street retailer Woolworths closed its doors, how many people did you hear say, “It’s such a shame Woolies closed, I loved that shop”?

If all the people who did say it actually shopped there regularly it may still be on the high street. Sentiment only goes so far.

The same is true with web traffic. It’s the end result – paying the bills – that counts.

“A job is not a job until the cheque comes in and it clears”, an old sales director used to tell me. He was spot on. And, in the context of SEO the same concept rings true.

It doesn’t matter where you sit in Google.

It doesn’t even matter how much traffic your website gets.

What matters is an end result, which for most businesses is a sales enquiry.

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  1. daniel August 18, 2011 at 12:31 pm #

    thats the type of stuff i want to read again so I can use it in conversation!

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