Not All Web Sites Are Equal

I’ve taken on two SME digital marketing clients this month. Both involve the design and build of new websites using off-the-shelf templated systems.

My sales proposition for these companies is not that I design a bespoke website – more budget would be required – but that I create a ‘decent’ looking website using a tried and tested layout that will deliver their businesses results.

Some websites are better than othersOne of these new clients is a brand new company, the other has an existing website. To them, the money they are spending is a big investment; so, my number one goal is to make sure they don’t regret having paid me six months down the line.

I even found myself telling the startup that there are web designers / web companies that can create a website a lot cheaper than me… Before discussing the value of the websites I create and that Return On Investment (ROI) is the true measurement in their case.

Getting In The Game

It still surprises me – especially when you have some sort of idea how much a new client may be worth to a company – how little they invest in getting new customers through their websites; especially when compared to existing advertising channels.

For example. Say a company spends £5,000 on a website rather than their usual press adverts. After two months they start getting one enquiry a week and convert half of them. That’s around 22 new customers in the first year. If each one is worth £500 profit, that’s £11,000. They’re £6k up already.

With my new website clients, a real opportunity to get new sales leads not only exists, but is very attainable due to the quality of the competition. The ROI should end up being much higher in terms of percentages.

New Website Build

The new website is for a flow screeding company in Hampshire. Quite a niche market, but lots of opportunity. Partly through the lack of quality competition online and partly through zero local competition. It may take a while to build credibility online, but the new website should pay for itself ten times over in year one.

Website Refresh

The second website is for a sign company in Fleet. I haven’t started re-building this website yet – just tweaking what’s already there – but the local competition is beatable (I’ve done my research) and despite the existing domain having little authority, it has age – which we can build upon.

The content tweaking opportunities on the existing pages alone will have a big impact during build stage.

Although the profit from a new customer for this company is lower, the market is larger and diverse and I am confident that this client will get their investment in their new website back within 3-6 months.

Not Just Design

As much as I know quality quality web design is integral to long-term success of a business websiteespecially for brand building – these companies are not at the stage where their brand is so defined.

What is important in the short to medium-term is building a sales channel.

A good website can deliver sales leads for most businesses (if not all) as long as the sales messages are defined and the online sales process is clear. One of my biggest bug-bears (still) are passive websites that completely overlook the sales process completely.

If you have a website that looks pretty (or not) and doesn’t deliver sales leads, then something must be missing. Here’s where I tell you I can help. Why not contact me for a chat?

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  1. Mark Bower August 30, 2011 at 3:42 pm #

    I like how your blog posts are carefully written to generate leads Craig. It’s one thing we need to get better at.

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