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Strategy & Delivery = Results

Most businesses and marketing departments have enough on their plate without having to worry about how to get the most out of the web. That’s where I come in –¬†outsourced digital marketing¬†– for profile building and sales lead generation.

Optimised Digital Marketing

By utilising my online marketing experience you can maximise business opportunities online. I work hard to understand what success would mean for your business and how it can be achieved. I then work to transfer your strong marketing message online to engage your existing and new customers.

The result is a sustainable online marketing strategy that delivers short, medium and long-term results for your business.

Immediate Implementation

For most businesses, there will be some immediate goals they want to see, if only to prove whether the online marketing strategy works.¬†And, of course, that’s in my interest too – I’m looking to create long-term relationships.

So, we start with the quick wins – the changes we can make to the website to see an increase in traffic and enquiries; the immediate campaigns that we can create to generate new business or upsell to your existing customers.

Basically, we focus on creating immediate dialogue between you and your customers.

Medium and Long Term

Meanwhile, we develop an online marketing strategy that fits your business and start to do the things that deliver results in a sustainable way. Some clients get very involved in this process, others leave it to me to keep things moving along, with monthly meetings to gauge results and develop ideas.

From my point of view, I am prepared to hound you to make things work, chasing the information I need to push the marketing forward, create engaging articles and case studies and driving specific marketing campaigns.

Breaking it down, the ongoing process tends to include some (or all of):

Ongoing SEO (search engine optimisation)

Your website needs to be kept up-to-date and the content optimised in way that allows search engines to understand what it is you do and why you should be ranked higher in their listings.

Web Copywriting

I write words for your website that entice people in, also identifying opportunities for new content that will encourage more relevant people to visit your website.

Thought Leadership Articles

There’s no use in being good at what you do if you don’t tell people. Through surveys, interviews and from rough ideas supplied, I create interesting articles that highlight your industry knowledge.

Compelling Case Studies

People buy what you sell based on what’s in it for them. So, they need to know why you are the right company for them. This can be achieved by creating case studies that sell the benefits of what you offer in their words, not yours.

Email Marketing

Build your brand and engage with your customers on a regular basis with email. It’s cost-effective and can deliver customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

I can create social media profiles for your business if it’s relevant. I also offer training for your sales and marketing teams to show them how they could be delivering sales leads.

Ad Campaigns

Google Adwords (and similar online ad models) can deliver campaign led results cost-effectively when they are focused. We also identity other advertising opportunities that will build your online profile.

It’s a Marathon, And A Sprint

Quality digital marketing online is about achieving medium to long term objectives. That said, you have budgetary or cash flow demands that require short term delivery. I know how to deliver this balance.

Why not get in touch and let’s chat?

I work with companies of all shapes and sizes delivering managed online marketing consultancy in Hampshire and up into London.

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