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Basingstoke & Beyond

Click 71 is me (Craig Killick), a laptop and 20 years experience of playing with the way the web works.

Some people call it SEO, some digital marketing; personally, I think it’s all about connecting people:
Telling your story, starting a conversation and making the sale.

If you’re good at what you do, I will help you tell the stories that will attract customers online (even if you’re ugly and boring).

How do I do it?


Fishing Where The Fish Are

Let’s go fishing in lots of smaller ponds, away from the masses. It’s where your customers are waiting for you.

We will create niche online marketing messages that put you in front of the audience that wants (and needs) you!

Shall We Talk Bait?


Let's Go Tiger

Pick the fights worth fighting.

I say straight talking. One drunken client once said…

“The thing with Craig is he can sometimes be an arrogant arse,
but, and it pains me to say it, he really does know his stuff.”

Let’s Talk Turkey